Thoughtful Tips for Staying Inspired While Writing

A few years ago someone asked me how I stayed inspired. She told me that she had recently spent a month in New York and whilst there had felt liberated from her previous inhibitions and found that she was more creative than when she was at home. It often seems the case that people who like the idea of writing say that they have felt particularly inspired when they have been abroad but can’t seem to find the spark when they’re at home.


How to Find the Right Editor | Just Publishing


Since writing is such a personal act, editing becomes personal. When hiring a developmental/content editor, you need to make sure you find the right one for you. It can be difficult to navigate the sea of editors available online, so here are a few tips to help…


Why Are Book Descriptions So Difficult To Write?

Nothing kills a potential book sale faster than a poor book description, except perhaps for a terrible book cover. The combination of the two together is a death sentence.

Why is it so difficult for most authors to write book descriptions that grab potential book buyers?