What’s Your Story? Character vs. Plot-Driven


Knowing how to approach your plot will help you work out many things in the rest of your work, from what to research, to chapter length and even the impact of your ending.

Most stories can be classified as plot-driven or character-driven (and sometimes a mash-up of the two). But what do these terms really mean? A lot of websites provide conflicting definitions and examples, but here’s what it boils down to…

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Courting Your Characters: Subconscious Writing : Women Writers, Women’s Books

writing-character3I think of writing as a courtship with my characters. I often ask them questions out loud and, usually, after some wrangling, these personas will reveal themselves by page 40. By that point, if I don’t know their deepest desires and what they’ll regret most on their deathbed, I know I am in trouble, that I am missing my mark as a writer…

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