40 Authors on How to be Happy

Unless you’re an animated sunshine or a clown, it’s difficult to maintain a constant state of happiness. As the weather gets progressively worse and the world appears to be imploding, we have some rather well-timed advice from 40 classic authors on how to be happy or how to avoid unhappiness. If you’re smiling by the end of this then you’re welcome…

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Authors Beware: Think Twice Before Signing a Contract


Never sign a book contract with a publisher without doing your homework first. There are so many small publishers nowadays, and while some are good, there are many that are not so good. Even among some well-known small publishers, problems have arisen with overdue payment or no payment of royalties to authors.

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My 2017 Goals | Plus Visualization and Positive Thinking For Authors with Nina Amir

“I love the New Year! It’s full of promise for the year ahead and in today’s show, I talk to Nina Amir about positive thinking and creative visualization to help you set your goals for 2017.”

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