Why must the ‘best new writers’ always be under 40?


Do first-time writers have a sell-by date? You could be forgiven for thinking so. Buzzfeed posted a list of ’20 under 40 Debut Writers You Need To Be Reading’. And this is a great achievement for these authors.

But making a debut is a huge achievement at any stage in life, and it would be churlish not to celebrate all of them.

Follow the link for some thoughts on this topic, and a link to the original Buzzfeed article: https://www.theguardian.com/books/best-new-writers-always-under-40

40 Authors on How to be Happy

Unless you’re an animated sunshine or a clown, it’s difficult to maintain a constant state of happiness. As the weather gets progressively worse and the world appears to be imploding, we have some rather well-timed advice from 40 classic authors on how to be happy or how to avoid unhappiness. If you’re smiling by the end of this then you’re welcome…

Via http://www.shortlist.com/entertainment/books/40-authors-on-how-to-be-happy

6 Inspiring Authors to Follow | The Write Space


There are as many writing spaces around the world as there are writers. Each one unique, opulent or bare-bones basic with a single united purpose, to get words on paper.

Authors covet writing spaces in the same way they covet time to write, it’s a precious resource and finding the right space can make or break your writing goals, it can welcome or repel your muse.

Today’s post features six lovely authors and their writing spaces in the hopes they will inspire you to carve out your own unique space.

Via http://traceyambrose.com/the-write-space/

Kindle Scout | A New Opportunity For Authors


Some authors may have missed reading about the launch or Amazon’s Kindle Scout last year. It is an interesting innovation by Amazon, and an opportunity for authors, as it relies on voting from readers to decide which books are selected to be published by Amazon. The idea is quite a twist on self-publishing, as it gives authors a chance to receive publishing contracts from Amazon. Click below to find out more…

Via http://www.justpublishingadvice.com/a-new-amazon-opportunity-for-authors/

Early Morning Paperback Writer: 12 Questions With Author Nicholas Mainieri


Mainieri talked to Daniel Ford recently about his early love of storytelling, how his writing process has evolved, his decision to get an MFA, and what inspired The Infinite

“I’m an early morning writer. The voices of doubt are quietest then.”


The Rejection Letters: How Publishers Snubbed 11 Great Authors


After nine years of rejection from publishers, Eimear McBride’s debut, A Girl is a Half Formed Thing, won the 2014 Bailey’s Prize on Wednesday. But the Irish writer won’t be the last to laugh in the face of those publishing houses who won’t take a punt on an experimental or challenging novel.

From Gertude Stein and William Burroughs to recent rags-to-riches writers such as JK Rowling and Cassandra Clare, there have been brutal rejection letters to accompany most bestselling novels. Here are extracts from some of them…

Notable Literary Deaths 2016 | A Last Goodbye to Authors we’ve Lost This Year

This year, we were obliged to say goodbye to a number of literary luminaries, from the wonderful poet C.D. Wright to Leonard Cohen to Katherine Dunn, the woman who has saved the lives of an uncountable number of teenagers. The only real comfort is that these poets, novelists, and masters of the short story have produced work that will stay with us for many years to come, and so instead of grief, we can feel thankful for the lives they lived and the literature they left us. Here, we say a final goodbye to some of the great writers we lost in this terrible year.

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