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A couple years ago my friends and I made a list of 52 goals we wanted to accomplish, the equivalent of a bucket list for a year’s worth of achievable things. Most of them were simple goals, but measurable. For instance, you couldn’t just write “read more” as a goal. It had to be quantifiable, like “Read a book a month.” It was fun, but also challenging, both to put the list together and to accomplish all the things I came up with.

So if you want to create a 52 Things list this year, and you’re looking to add some writing goals to your list, here are 52 ideas:

1. Start or join a writing group.
2. Go see three movies based on books you love.
3. Guest post for a blog you read/admire.
4. Get your name in print.
5. Read a banned book during Banned Book Week.
6. Submit a story to a call for submissions for an anthology.
7. Do one thing that truly champions another writer.
8. Buy a book for a child or teenager in your life for no reason at all.
9. Go to a writers’ conference.
10. Commit to writing a certain number of words per week, or per month.

For the remaining 42 ideas you can read the read of the article here: http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/6396948

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