My Christmas Acrostic Poem


So, two weeks ago, I set the challenge of writing a Christmas Acrostic poem, and I may have mentioned that I first did this when I was in school. I didn’t want to influence yours in any way so I didn’t tell you anymore than that, but now that you’ve had two weeks to think about it, and seeing as it’s that festive sharing time of year, here, for anyone who’s interested, is my attempt at a Christmas acrostic poem (aged 10). Enjoy!

Cradle rocking in a stable

Happy Christmas to all that bring

Robin redbreast watching Mary

Ice covers the earth below

Stable getting colder and colder

Tiny Jesus born today

Music comes to the little prince

Angels praise him up above

Santa reminds us with his gifts, every Christmas time that comes

Merry Christmas everyone xx


©Abigayle Blood

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