How Do You Measure Your Success As A Writer?


If you’re an author, there is no better dream than to have the word ‘bestselling’ affixed to your title. Seeing your name at the top of a bestselling list, be it on Amazon, The New York Times or on Goodreads. The reality is however, that there is only room for one book at any given time at the peak of what is a gigantic and ever growing pyramid of published books. For most of us we have to accept that our books are probably going to reside towards the ‘fatter’ part of this bestselling pyramid…


The 30 Best Books of 2016 | Writer’s Bone



To date, I’ve read 96 books in 2016, which is up from the 87 I read last year. Since you’ve already called me a nerd in your head, please allow me to further strengthen the case. Those 96 books add up to 37,872 pages, myriad reading devices, and two dried out eyeballs. I also managed to get engaged, help build a website at my day gig, edit and shop a novel, and feed and bath myself.

Without further adieu, enjoy the 30 best books of 2016…


8 Bestsellers Started During National Novel Writing Month – Barnes & Noble Reads


National Novel Writing Month starts today, kicking off that time of year when the insane among us commit to writing 50,000 words in 30 days (if you’re doing the math, that’s roughly 1,667 words a day). The name is kind of a misnomer—the goal isn’t necessarily to end the month with a polished, completed novel, but simply to force yourself to write every day. After all, as any successful author will tell you, step one to becoming a writer is to write

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