NY Resolutions: Better late than never!

In December 2015, like most people, I began thinking about what New Year’s resolutions I was going to make – and top of the list was ‘eat more healthily’ (otherwise known as ‘go on a diet!’). But as the 1st of January fell on a Friday, and it’s never a good idea to try and start a diet just before the weekend, I decided it would be more practical to move this to Monday the 4th of January.

This date came and went, as it occurred to me that I still had all the leftovers from Christmas to finish, not to mention the yummy boxes of chocolates and other delicious treats I had received over the festive period to devour. How could one possibly go on a diet whilst surrounded by all these temptations? So I reconsidered the start date and decided that a month should be long enough to consume everything in sight, and thus the diet would commence on the 1st of February.

Again, this date came and went. The problem this time was, how is one to diet when February is full of fattening events such as Pancake day, and Valentine’s Day (when you are guaranteed to polish off at least a box of chocolates and tub of ice cream, regardless of whether you are in a relationship or not!)? And then there were other events like birthday’s and fancy meals, and so on and so forth. Realistically speaking, February was not the ideal time to begin a diet either.

So here I am, almost two months into the year, and the start date for my diet has once again moved – to the 1st of March. Still, as New Year’s resolutions have a terrible reputation anyway, I suppose it’s better late than never!